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Content material Updates « Frogatto & Associates


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Mar 22, 2024
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We’ve been making some replace posts over on our steam greenlight web page for some time now, with out cross-posting them right here. I’m going to start out backporting a couple of of them to right here, and attempt to sustain with persistently cross-posting them sooner or later.

New flight animations:
A protracted-running venture we’ve had going has been upgrading the animations on all of our older monsters. New monsters we’ve been making from scratch have excessive body counts from the get-go; we had a number of older creatures which didn’t (Within the pending launch, we’ve nearly doubled the variety of creatures within the sport).

Like plenty of indie sport initiatives, frogatto has been a type of the place we’ve been “studying as we go” – our older artwork was cheaper as a result of my skillset was lots weaker after I made it. Two of the factors of cheapness have been that many of the animations had a really low frame-count (about 3 or 4 frames for many “cyclical” animations like strolling and flapping), and many of the outdated monsters have been “clones” of one another – they have been an analogous base physique design, recolored, with a couple of beauty bits tweaked to make them look “totally different sufficient” while permitting many of the animations to be copy-pasteable (with comparable recoloring tips, and so on).

The issue with cloning like that’s it turns into noticeable after some time – do it an excessive amount of and even the much less aesthetically-inclined gamers begin to discover and it cheapens the expertise. Thankfully there have been few sufficient of them that I don’t suppose we have to truly rip them out – as an alternative, we simply wanted to attract a line within the sand and say “let’s be sure that all the new ones we add are brand-new designs”. The upside of retaining these current ones is that if I improve one of many core animations for them (just like the ant stroll cycle, or the flying-ant flap cycle), I can copy over the enhancements to all the different clones and get plenty of bang for the buck – get dramatically higher animations on a bunch of creatures for pretty little effort.

So in the previous couple of weeks, I took the flying ant’s core animation and utilized it to about 4 different creatures that are seen within the seaside chapter of the sport, and a pair creatures seen within the cave chapter of the sport.

This publish has a comparability of our older flap animations towards the brand new ones:

New miniboss fights:
I don’t need to give any story spoilers on this, so forgive me if this sounds a bit analytical and antiseptic…

For those who’re conversant in the sooner releases of the sport, we’ve acquired one lonely miniboss struggle – one stage the place you’re locked in a room and must struggle towards 4 common “kitty” enemies. In that specific struggle’s case, it’s a reasonably simple battle used to introduce one of many important enemy sorts within the sport, and power the participant to familiarize themselves with how the enemies work. We’re going to be including one thing like 5 or 6 extra such fights within the coming launch.

I like these as a result of by placing a easy twist on how a creature is offered in its atmosphere, an current monster’s challenge-factor will be radically modified (A metaphor I often use to clarify that is {that a} sniper in the course of an empty parking zone is lots much less harmful than a sniper in a cluttered city setting). Not solely is it good for mixing issues up gameplaywise, it’s additionally good for forcing the participant to learn-by-doing, and it’s nice for narrative cycles; for including climax and shock to totally different chapters of the sport. It’s a disgrace we haven’t achieved this earlier than; a lot of sections we’ve had within the sport prior have been utterly devoid of boss-fights, and it actually made them really feel flat. This, in addition to the 2 new actbosses we’ve completed are actually going to assist spice issues up.

Up to now we’ve acquired two of those two miniboss fights principally achieved, and we’re acquired a 3rd one nicely on its method.

Seaside stage enhancements:
A number of the earlier seaside ranges date again to the beta of the sport – they’ve been reskinned as we’ve redone our graphics, however their fundamental format stays the sport – particularly within the flaw of being a reasonably straight-shot linear run from left to proper.

I’ve gone over a few them (the degrees “Splash Hop”, and “Burn and Bubble”) and added some main puzzles to them (the place there have been no puzzles, earlier than), and I’ve drastically elevated the scale of them, vertically, including further paths you possibly can take via the extent, every with its personal distinctive challenges. I’m additionally within the means of re-adding a fantastic outdated stage we used to have known as “Stonepipe Flats” which was made throughout the beta and acquired dropped for no actually good cause aside from me being too lazy to reskin it after one of many huge graphical makeovers. It’s excessive time it had a second within the highlight, because it’s a reasonably good stage with a couple of good puzzles on it.


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